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First Cornerstone Group, LLC (FCG) provides real estate-based financial returns to its investor clients, nationwide, through the use of private investment funds for community investment and revitalization of multifamily properties for the specialized housing market.   Our vision is to convert life-time renters into successful homeowners.


Values-Based Approach

FCG converts distressed and/or under-performing single and multi-family residential real estate into safe and affordable housing for low-to-moderate income families and elderly residents.   Target properties are characterized by ones where the acquisition and rehabilitation costs are less than new construction costs, while additionally offering monthly cash flow and/or appreciation potential.


Client Benefits

To our investor clients, our product is a hands-free passive income investment vehicle that is secured by the underlying real estate.   Catering often to the specialized housing market, the rental income is largely subsidized and paid directly by the federal government for consistent monthly cash flow.

Property management is provided by local property management companies which generate the hands-free and passive income return.   For the benefit of our clients, FCG provides asset management to ensure that the expected financial yields are achieved.   In some case, triple net lease arrangements are available whereby the client owns the property with a fixed return from a long-term and responsible operating tenant company, such as FCG.


Community Benefits

To the communities we serve, our product is a rehabilitated house, multi-family apartment or condominium complex that is converted and revitalized to safe and affordable housing for low-to-moderate income families and elderly residents.


Focus on a Single Asset Class

We specialize and concentrate on the real estate asset class of low to moderate income housing in the Texas geographic market, primarily Houston, Texas.

Our business mission is to develop and deliver hands-free real estate portfolios that not only "do well" for our clients but are socially responsible and "do good" for the local communities we serve.


Uniquely Meeting Market Demand

First Cornerstone Group, LLC (FCG) serves to address and satisfy the following growing and complementary market trends:

  • Unfulfilled demand for affordable housing in the United States
  • Increased emphasis on socially responsible investing
  • Desired investment alternative to low-performing CDs, stocks & bonds
  • Growing demand for real estate-secured investments
  • Shortage of conventional financing for community investment
  • Availability of turn-around residential real estate projects

Win/Win Investing

Following a history of successful real estate investment for its own portfolio, First Cornerstone Group, LLC serves to expand the Win/Win opportunity for investors to "make money while making a difference".    By broad application and leverage of these principles to this unique real estate investing niche, more communities may be served across the United States.


Ethical Investing

Our business philosophy and values are centered on integrity and ethical-based dealings with our clients, participating partners and communities.

Built upon a history of nationwide client referrals and private placement, FCG seeks other like-minded investor clients to expand and multiply our values-based investment approach.


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